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Mar 14, - I wasn't sure if I should post this in "All sexy games" or "the Beach". Creative Corner on Legend of Krystal Forums - non-Flash are almost all RPG, Project: Starship (sci-fi adult visual novel in development, looks interesting).

Kari's Legend of Krystal v2

Joined Nov 23, Likes Found this on the Legend of Krystal forums by Gorepete: Click here, save and open in a browser or Adobe Media Player or just go the the thread link below, it's a little bit towards the middle of legendofkrystal forums page.

legendofkrystal forums

forums legendofkrystal

It is still a WIP, but I'm not sure how often it's updated. Legendofkrystal forums can find the original thread about this here.

forums legendofkrystal

The latest update was on page There are also a bunch of little animation snippets in legendofkrystal forums thread as well. You should definitely read through it if you're a Samus fan.

forums legendofkrystal

Z is jump X is shoot C is to switch between damaging shots and legendofkrystal forums shots, also makes you forms nude Seems for the time being you can only be raped by the space pirates and that weird alien statue when legendofkrystal forums are in freezing shot mode. You can also do a sex attack type thing similar to K Fox if you freeze the enemy and approach them.

forums legendofkrystal

There legendofkrystal forums two positions for being raped and two positions for your attack depending on the direction you're approached from or you approach from. You legendofirystal seem to be able to die as of legendofkrystal forums and the author has intentionally left out sound for now.

forums legendofkrystal

Current Plans Includes already completed content: Dapper GentNov 7, We'll be hanging around legednofkrystal hours legendofkrystal forums answer any questions that the fanbase may have about the game, upcoming engines, pokemorph lore, whatever you legendofkrystal forums to ask about! We'll be conducting it through youtube. Just look for Dark Impulses, it should have our trademark purple face icon.

forums legendofkrystal

Dapper GentNov 9, Dapper GentNov 11, We're still looking for an artist to join the team. Dapper GentNov legendofkrystal forums, We've been absent for a bit due to legendofkrystal forums and the team taking a much needed vacation but we're futa fucking futa our search up again.

Still legendofkrystaal for an artist.

forums legendofkrystal

legendofkrystal forums Dapper GentJan 12, legendofkrystal forums Updated the main post with information on the game and what we're aiming for overall. Don't tell me this is the same game I played centuries ago But how comes it's still v0. I probably played this when I first reached puberty around lol.

forums legendofkrystal

DrafoxNov 28, MalkavNov 28, Why all forumx backgrounds is blue for me other than legendofkrystal forums room? KeoughNov 28, Mad Skillzs When it is finished it will be amazing.

forums legendofkrystal

Just me The only thing you can actually do is fuck legendofkrystal forums Melvin, the tortoise and sexy boob bounce two guards at the Legendofkrystal forums. For everything else use Mouse to activate actions. It seems you get the most reputation points when you're clean.

forums legendofkrystal

Stay in the bath until the hygene bar maxes out. The last encounter gives the most points.

forums legendofkrystal

Even so, I suspect this is just a prototype of a much bigger game. I maxed out the reputation and couldn't get any further than legendofkrystal forums third encounter.

forums legendofkrystal

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LoK Rush. 64 % - Votes. Another cool sex game from people around Legend of Krystal forums. Thanks for the submission. Enjoy! Add to Favorites Remove.


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